Saturday, August 13, 2011

2011 Artisan Award swap

Ok, Here it is as promised. This is the swap I made for the other nine Artisan Award winners, 2 concept artists, Amy Schwartz (The VP of sales) and Shelli Gardner ( The CEO and Co-founder of Stampin' Up!) Yeah, no sweat right?!? At first when we started talking about doing this swap we were going to swap cards, however some of use feel we excel at 3-D projects. When they gave the option of a card OR 3-D I knew i would do a mini version of my birthday countdown I entered in the AA contest.
I used Galvanized flashing that I got from the roofing section at the home improvement store. I have no idea what it is really intended for, but it came in a size I wanted AND the crop-a-dial punches the holes for the ribbon like it is butter!!
It is a ten day countdown. The nice thing about this verses making the board magnetic with paint is that you can store the cupcakes on the back and put them on front as you countdown.
Thanks for stopping by. Check out my blog tomorrow, I am showing off a Scrapbook page layout that I created for an organized swap at Convention!

See you tomorrow,

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