Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hey Everyone, 
Long time no post, right? Well I wish I had a better excuse than life has just kept me away from the computer. I have had MANY of you asking when I am going to update..... how about now? Even though I have been a slacker on posting I have been keeping myself busy with crafting, classes & clubs. 
One of my favorite events that I hold every three months is my "Overnighter" I book a hotel conference room and everyone brings the projects they are working on. It is a great opportunity to get caught up on the projects you are always intending to get around to. In addition to having time and space to work on your own projects I also provide a project to work on as part of the fee. Don' forget the treats, prizes and great technique highlights that are included in the fee also!!! 

Everyone brings a variety of projects to work on. It is so fun to see what ideas I walk away with after watching my customers. You don't want to forget your camera. 

This Sesame Street blanket was made by my sister. I helped her with the layout and figuring out which die cuts to use. We used the scallop square to make the large scallop squares by folding the material into fourths and then putting the fabric in the die cut so it will only cut on two of the edges..... not sure if that makes sense, but it is an amazing way to create a perfect scallop square on a larger scale:)

The next "Overnighter" is sometime in August, we just need to nail down a specific date.... I will post more when i have the details

xoxoxo- Heather