Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome Baby "B"

Today is a very exciting day for my family, my little sister welcomed her first child into the world! She is beautiful.
So as I looked through my cards deciding on a card to give to her a "Welcome baby" one did not quite sum it up. She had a complicated delivery and I want her to know how much we all appreciate what she did to bring this beautiful baby girl into our lives. I chose this card I got in a Convention swap. This simple yet elegant card uses the most popular stamp that Stampin' Up! sells:
As I looked through the cards I pulled the ones using the same set. This one was created by Kari Metzger.

This one was made by Angelika West

This one is by Tara Bazata

This one was created by Jill Olsen, I love glitter so this is one of my favs! She used heat and stick powder to adhere the glitter, that stuff is like magic!


  1. Hey . . .

    It was good that you did not listen to your old man. . .
    I am sure that Brecklyn will always remember the day that her Annt, Grandma, and Papa paid her the first visit. Thanks for going with us...


  2. Very cute post! Thanks for coming and seeing her! She loves her aunt

  3. What a beautiful Christmas card!!