Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Founders Circle Day 1 dinner

Founder's circle Welcome dinner was not a let down. Of course before it started we sat in the Gathering place and snacked on the yummy treats. This is me with Kelly Acheson and Penny Thomas we laughed pretty hard as we tried to get the rest of our butterflies swaped, it seems that most demos did not take naps as we chose to do. No worries though we managed to find some other people who are actually relaxing on this "relaxing" trip who could trade with us. The prize was a stamp set that we will use to make our make-and-takes through out Founder's Circle.

These are all of my colorful butterflies by the stamp set that I received. I took the images out for the picture because this stamp set is not available until January, so stay tuned!
The tables were beautiful. they were Stampin' Up! colors and flowed with everything down to the bag we got at convention.
there was a personal note to us from Shelli congratulating us on all of our accomplishments this past year.... Super cute card!

I took the napkin ring, not sure what I will do with it, but it was too cute be be left alone!

Kelly, Dawn Olchefske and me. I had to laugh when Dawn told me they joked about me being "Stalker Girl"! In my defense I wanted to be Rising Star and who better to ask for advice than the top Demos?

Yummy food, I think the pictures do all of the talking here!!!

The server told us the flowers were edible, so me being the only one brave enough to see if they were tasty to took a bite........ not that great, just because it is edible does not mean you should eat it!
Dessert was so rich I litterally could ony take one bite and was done. My hubby is probably shaking his head at this that I let good chocolate go to waste, but what can I say.... Sorry!
In the true fashion of a scrapbooker i took pictures of all of the food as did everyone at my table. A picture of them taking a picture of cake was too good to pass up.


  1. I am loving your blog sista!! Yay for you!!!

  2. Wow everything is so nice. Lucky you to win a nice trip like that!!! Congrats sis

  3. Hey . . .

    Had no clue that you were part of the "Blog" World... Your Sister let me in on where to go to find out what is going on in your life.
    You are getting what you deserve . . . Lay back and enjoy... You have two kids and a husband that are waiting for your return to hear about your adventure in person....

    Love Ya.