Thursday, September 24, 2009

Going once..going twice....SOLD!

Tonight I held a "Money Free Auction" with my hostess club members and those who have held a hostess club with me in the last Stampin' Up! year.
Each person filled out a survey when they arrived. They got points for each question they qualified for. Most of the questions were stamping related, like receive 5 points for each card you have sent out in the last 30 days. Some were not, like 5 points if you prefer the winter season as opposed to summer. They also had a chance to earn more points by bringing a pot luck dish and/or a hand stamped item. After finishing the survey they traded it in for "Stampin dollars" and the bidding began!
I had two tables covered with retired product and handmade items I have acquired over some time now.
I had a blast seeing what items were "hot". I also enjoyed visiting with my friends and eating the yummy food they brought. I should have snapped a picture of the amazing food that was brought tonight!

Sorry I did not get picture of everybody who attended, I was the auctioneer and got caught up in the bidding!!!
I plan on making this an annual event, so be sure to book a workshop or sign up for a club so you don't miss out on this next year!


  1. Ok sorry for posting like a ton of post but I thought it kept deleting my comment and then I realized I spelled the first one wrong. ha ha

  2. What a cute idea!!! I love it!!