Friday, September 18, 2009

Founders Circle Day 2

So this post has a ton of pics (there was a ton of fun stuff that happened) so I will make the words short and let you enjoy!

This is actually around 1:00 a.m. last night when I went down to the gathering place to kick it with some other demos and it was only the staff there. They had just finished setting up the rest of the room.....So cute..... I cannot believe how much work the staff has put into it!

This morning I had my class on the new MY DIGITAL STUDIO. I loved learning so much about the new digital scrapbooking program that will be available to everybody October 1st!
My class mates were a blast! this is a few of them pretending to be Charlies Angels.

when we finished we were given a little booklet of what we reviewed with a junk drive attached so we could take our projects home with us. I LOVE all the little perks Stampin' Up! gives us!
This story is too funny not to be told. My Friend Kelly forgot her phone charger and asked the front desk if they might have one on hand.........well they did, they had a whole box full of them! She did find one that worked for her and her phone is now fully charged.
Somebody please remind me to take my charger with me, it is not as if the hotel needs any more!
Ok, OK, OK.... I know a post is much mor fun with some ideas, so here you go. I wish I remember who it was who made these, but the name is not coming to me. I love how she used these colors in christmas projects..... doesn't this get you so excited for Christmas?

This one is an explosion box.

I love how she used the sweet treat cups!

This is a demo, jill Olsen holding up a quilt she made using the big shot! the gathering place has baskets FULL of different quilts that she made all over for us to cuddle in as we hang out and of course snack ( the candy jars are never empty)

These are just beautiful!!!!!

So I was down in the gathering place working on a digital album with MY DIGITAL STUDIO when Shelli Gardner's daughter Sara invited me to sit with them and work on my project. It was super fun, Shelli's mom was there also. We had fun talking about our hubbies who just graduated with there masters degrees. Mine graduated with Shelli's son-in-law Jason. They also celebrated with me when I got a message from Dave telling me that he has an interview tomorrow!
While I worked on my project Shelli and Sara were working on this adorable invite to a halloween party they are having in celebration of Shanna, Shelli's daughter, coming home from her mission soon.
You can find this exact project in the catalog. I love every thing about this!

We were given some free time (and some money) to have dinner where we would like.....a group of us went to Olive garden.

Maxine Conrad drove down to hang out with us. She qualified to be a founder's Circle attendee, but because she works for the Stampin' Up! office she was not able to actually participate. We were all so glad to see her!
Talk about service!!!!! because there were so many of us there were several servers helping our group at once. they were so attentive that right before I emptied my drink, I had 3 of them in front of me.... I am not one to complain about over service! We did have a good laugh about it as I tried to choose if I should go right to left or left to right!
Some pics of our hotel as we walked back from dinner. This was the first time I went outside!

The windows are all covered with decor elements!

The bus ride to the Tuacahn theater to see Aida. I sat with Cindy Sheets, she is also a Rising star this year.
Tuacahn is an outdoor theater, this is just out side.

This little statue in the water fall they had reminded me of my little boy.... I miss him!
This is me in front of the stage, it was unbelievable! The flash did not work very well, and no cameras were allowed during the performance. I can't wait to tell my son that I saw a camel on stage......yes a real camel and lots of other animals!
The bus ride home, with my good friend Kelly. This is going to be the last pic you see of her like this, she is undergoing a major make over tomorrow! Stampin' Up! Has given us access to some wonderful salons and spas. I might break down and get a massage (they come to our rooms)!
Forget mints!!!! I love Stampin' Up! pillow gifts!!!! Tonight is was wonderful to walk in my room and find a book, the SECRET GARDEN personally signed by Shelli!

The inscrpition:
May you find the "magic" in your Stampin' Up! garden!
love Shelli, FC 2009

I know I said I would keep it short, but I did not want to leave anything out! I also went swimming to finish my night off. I was the only one in the pool. I can't get over how relaxing it was swimming in a pool lined with palm trees at night (there are some lights around).
I am calling it a night now, see you tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like you are having a great time. I love all the details and the pictures. Keep them coming and enjoy yourself. Candice

  2. pics show you are having an absolute fabulous time! You deserve it! Congrats again on all your success this year! You are my hero!

  3. Hey . . .
    From what I can tell by the tells you tell. . . It sounds as if you are in a different World, Time, and Place. Enjoy it. .

    You ought to check the front desk to see if they have an extra charger for the iphone for Dave's new phone. You never know. . . you might be next to join the iphone generation.