Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Inkin' Cute craft room Shelves

Here we go...... My Inkin' Cute Craft Room is done!!!! I showed you the shelves after we got them in, but you have not seen what I put in and on them. So the next SEVERAL posts will show you my shelving, storage, decorating and much more. I hope you enjoy the tour.

This is the shelving unit as a whole. The two cupboard style ones were gifts to me after my hubby graduated with his masters... a reward for supporting him through the long schooling process. Anyone who has been a student wife knows it is not an easy accomplishment!!! The open shelves were sort of inherited with the house we just moved into...... I can't believe how well they work with the ones I already had. I seriously think they look like a matching set.
I use the far left one for all of my clear stamp storage. I love how compact the cases are and how easy it is to store. I also have the bags that I pack for workshops stored on the bottom two shelves.
Inside the cupboards are not so pretty....just a heads up, that's what doors are for right? I have a basket with my adhesives and all of the stampin' wheels and handles on the top shelf. The other shelves have prospective projects..... wreaths, books to cover, baby food jars etc....
On the center portion of my shelving I have my accessory caddies on top. On the shelf just below I keep my sponges and sponge daubers in the little pink drawers. In the pink basket I have my accessories that don't have containers to fit in the accessory caddy.
Somehow I lost my ribbon holders in the move, so they are just lined up on the shelf.
Last I have my ink pad holders

We are now on to the other cupboards. Once again..... I love that they close.
The top two are project that I am in the process of working on or are waiting to go to a great hostess!
Under those I have all of my sewing things....Material, needles, sewing machine etc. I love having an actual place to store my sewing machine. In my apartment it sat on my craft table and found a temporary home in my bedroom when I had classes and workshops.
The last portion is my wood stamp sets. They are a bit more bulky, however I love the wood sets for the ones my kids stamp with. They are always knocking the clear stamps off the blocks!
On top of my shelving I store all of my cards I have made, and my card swaps from demonstrator events. I love having a stockpile of cards to choose from when I am in need of that perfect card.

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  1. Heather! Look at you! Your space is amazing! I love all the decorative touches, you have done such a good job. Your fireplace is awesome, love the decor ele. But my favorite is your towels with the ruffles! One day I will have to make out there yonder, I am so happy for you and Dave!

    With Love, Jan